Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ricardo Segovia: Fine Art Photographer

Ricardo Segovia is a fine art photographer and a digital imaging instructor from Mexico.  He is also currently studying marketing and advertising to increase his knowledge of the business of photography.  That pursuit of knowledge is a wonderful aspiration, because Ricardo's work  is especially moving to me, and I think a lot of others who enjoy the arts would like to see his photography.  I especially like his still life compositions, because of the depth of detail found in those images.

When Ricardo began is photography career, he worked as a commercial photographer.  While he taught in schools, he rediscovered art and its importance.  His approach to the art of photography is emotional, and it is moving.  What is impressive to me is his attention to detail when he composes a scene during a photo session, and when he processes an image during post-production.  My eyes, and my mind don't tire or get distracted when I view Ricardo's photography.

    Night Table
© Ricardo Segovia

Ricardo is inspired by painters, music, nature, deep emotions, and concepts.  His intent is to extract emotional responses and to share a message with a viewer.  He is effective at this, because much of his work is minimalism.  Simple things are the most powerful and thought provoking.  He believes when a person has the opportunity to create something, it should be memorable.

 Outer Blue
© Ricardo Segovia

 Autumn Leaves No. 3
© Ricardo Segovia

Originally, Ricardo wanted to become a painter.  He felt, however, that he wasn't talented enough to draw or to paint.  He then wanted to study cinematic arts, but that was cost prohibitive to him in Mexico.  He learned that by using a camera he could effectively mesh his appreciation for art and his desire to tell a story.

With film photography, he experimented with black and white film, and with different chemical processes in the wet darkroom.  In the digital age, he experiments with colors, tones, and textures.

When Ricardo composes an image, light is the most important element.  As seen in his still life work above, light shows texture and gives volume and depth to a scene.  He works with different points of view, angles, and perspectives while composing.

His portraiture work is creative, and it is meant to have a psychological impact on the viewer.  Ricardo not only feels with his heart and his mind, he thinks with his heart and mind, too.  And he is patient when he is composing.  One really isn't able to be as keen to detail as Ricardo is by being anything other than patient.  All of the elements must be set up correctly before the shutter is released.     

 My Principle Pleasure
© Ricardo Segovia

Dany as an Angel
© Ricardo Segovia

When I asked Ricardo what is most important to him, he replied family, friends, creativity and art.  The important things in life are always first.

In the future, he wants to do more commercial work, and he wants to continue his work with art.  Some day in the future his dream is to form an association of fine art photographers with the goal of providing financial aid to the photographers to create art projects.

To see more of Ricardo's fine art photography, visit his website here.

Ricardo's blog is nice, because there one can read his thoughts and feelings about his posted photography.  Visit his blog here.

By way of conclusion, I wish to highlight three photography competitions that Ricardo participated in.  A more complete list of his awards and honors can be found on his website.  The three competitions:

In 2010, Ricardo earned a third place award at the Prix de la Photographie Paris in the Professional Fine Art Still Life category.  Autumn Leaves is a series of five photographs that he submitted for consideration to the Px3 photography competition.  Scroll down to the bottom right hand side of the Px3 awards page here to view Autumn Leaves.

During the 2011 6th Annual Black and White Spider Awards, Ricardo was a Nominee in the Still Life - Professional category.  Autumn Leaves was his submitted work in this photography competition.  View Autumn Leaves and the other award winning photographs at the Spider Awards site here.

Also in 2011, Ricardo was a Nominee at the 5th Annual Photography Masters Cup in the Still Life - Professional category with his exquisite piece titled, Night Table.  To view Night Table and the other award winning color photographs, visit the International Color Awards site here.


  1. Some very interesting artwork here. i like the leaves picture.

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