Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photographs from the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk Event - Gwangju

Yesterday, Joe Wabe led the 2012 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Gwangju-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea.  It was a well attended event with a diverse group hailing from many different countries.  There even was an artist who sketched and drew as she walked along the event route with the photographers.

Joe did a fantastic job leading this walk, and everything went smoothly with the help of others whose expertise and contributions were essential.  It was a wonderful learning experience.  It was also fun for me personally as I caught up with some dear friends during the after-event social.

The timing of the photo walk happened to coincide with other events occurring simultaneously along the walk route.  As is my custom, I was looking for scenes and compositions that featured my appreciation for the design elements, water, and the often overlooked behind the scenes aspects of life.

 Urban Jungle
© 2012 Mark Eaton

 Abandoned and Forgotten
© Mark Eaton

I usually shoot in black and white mode; however, Hot Peppers Drying begged for the color composition.

Hot Peppers Drying
© Mark Eaton

The pair of gloves in Abandoned and Forgotten provides a poignant symbolism of those who are discarded so readily.  Just moments after I took this shot, a participant kicked the gloves under the seats where the awaiting participants rest before being called to line up for the parade.  Out of sight and out of mind as fast as one can imagine. 

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