Thursday, November 1, 2012

Roman Rivera: Artistic Photographer

I look at the photographic art created by Roman Rivera, and I feel at ease.  I marvel at the scenes composed by Roman, and, too, I wonder where on this Earth such places exist; I so want to be there.  I came to understand that such places are in my heart, and in my mind.  Yet such places do exist in the physical word, but it is the point of view of an individual to see the beauty displayed.  Roman not only sees the beauty and the peace, he has the ability to show it to the world.

Trees in the Mist
© Roman Rivera

Currently, Roman appreciates photography as a hobby; however, he has plans to approach photography professionally.  He loves the art of photography, because it is his way to keep in touch with the world.  It is my opinion that he is well grounded in the arts.  In fact, he is inspired by the great artists of the past.  Artists such as J. M. William Turner, and Edward Steichen are only two examples of the greats who do inspire Roman.

Roman is very candid about how he processes his work.  When he takes photographs he already sees the end result before the image is even uploaded onto his computer.

© Roman Rivera

He uses correct photography techniques when he takes a photograph.  He merges the image with textures in his workflow.  An extraordinary piece of art results.  He says there are no big secrets to his process.  I wish it were so easy!

    Waiting the Butterflies
© Roman Rivera

Beyond the Invisible
© Roman Rivera

As can be seen from the photographs above, Roman is especially fond of nature.  He also does fantastic work with cityscapes and city scenes, too.

 Grand Canal, Venice
© Roman Rivera

A Day in Vitoria-Gasteiz
© Roman Rivera

It is his desire to travel the world for his photography.  He wants to expand his photographic art, and he wants to show people how he sees the world.  I like his vision.

Between Earth and Heaven
© Roman Rivera

 Journey to Nowhere
© Roman Rivera

Roman Rivera is wildly popular on Facebook.  His work can be seen on his Facebook page here.

His photographic art can also be seen on his Wix page here.

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