Monday, May 21, 2012

Has She?

Let me see, Lady Gaga, to my knowledge, hasn't bent any boys over the altar of the god, has she? To my knowledge she hasn't engaged in any type of cover up trying to protect her colleagues from any investigations of any crimes allegedly committed, has she? To my knowledge she hasn't claimed any special monogamous relationship with a special someone only to be found frequenting the services of prostitutes, has she? To my knowledge she hasn't proclaimed to her followers to wage a holy war, because of any caricatures or drawings or comments made of her or made about her were found to be disrespectful, has she?

No? Well, then it makes perfect sense for the faithful to point the fingers outward rather than inward at their institutions that proclaim high morals and standards.  
It is easy to attack an artist, an entertainer, an author, because no attempts are made to hide or veil.  Not so with those who claim a higher ground as they look down upon those who don't believe as they believe.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Introduction

I am Mark Eaton.  Before I call myself a photographer, however, I will always say that I am a husband, and that I am a father.  Family first, always.  All others fade, literally.  I currently reside in South Korea with my family.

The purpose of this blog, and the purpose of my website, is to share the process of composing my photographic art in this post-film era.  I do miss the feel, smell, and comparative warmth that is found in the wet darkroom.  I do miss the anticipation of viewing images as they are developed.  Alas, this modern era I find myself living is one of digital work and using the dry darkroom.  This, too, shall pass some day in the future, and lamentations will be cried proclaiming art and photography has ended...again...because of innovations and inventions that potentially allow everyone to be a photographer...again. 

Additionally, I will post about events, exhibitions, and competitions I might be involved with during my mortal stint here.  I will discuss other artists and photographers, too.  There will be times when I will discuss current events; that does involve politics, religion, and society.  Much of my photography has themes that address through art these different issues.  I make no apology for my beliefs or for things I don't believe to be real or true.

Yes, there is camera technique and there is digital image processing technique.  I'm much more interested in the dream, the vision, the story, and the why of a composition.  In other words, I'm more interested in the human component of art and photography.  Yes, there is much that can be learned about an artist who uses certain techniques, though the person who merely focuses on the technical leaves me cold.  I'm confident there are many who find my style lacking in many respects.  In fact, it is a truism the older I get, the less I know.  

Thank you for your time and for your consideration.