Thursday, October 11, 2012

Collaborative Art with Poppy Silver

It is a joyous moment when two or more artists agree to come together with the goal of creating art cooperatively.  Such was the case when the multi-talented Poppy Silver asked me if she could use one of my photographs to accompany one of her writings.  I met Poppy Silver through Google+ not long ago, and I am moved by her work.  Naturally, I responded in the affirmative to her request.

This is what she wrote on her website:  We Watched it Drown - by Poppy Silver.

Readers and followers will be happy to know that I will feature Poppy in an article in the near future.   I will enjoy that experience!


The collaboration with Poppy Silver discussed above was a positive experience.  I have been involved in failed collaborative efforts that cam be termed, politely, as a "cluster foxtrot" and "fubar."  Failed collaborative efforts results from unclear directions and goals, changing the purpose of a project without discussing the change with the other participants, feelings of jealousy if one participant seems to be receiving more attention than others, and, in one case, ulterior motives involving money.

If the purpose is to create art, then the collaboration will often be a positive experience.  If participants are immature regardless the chronological age, and if there is a hidden agenda and motive, then the effort will fail.


  1. Mark, thank you so much! Your work is amazing, an honour! xox

  2. Poppy Silver, you are most welcome, and thank you, too. Your creative art is also amazing.