Monday, October 22, 2012

Maria Lisak Needs Videographers and Others to Help

There are many benefits to living the life of an expatriate.  One benefit is being able to ask for assistance within, and without, the expat community.  Such is the case currently with Maria Lisak.

This past August I wrote a short article for Social Discourse of Disquiet about Maria Lisak here.  At the present time, she is looking for some people to help with a project that will support nature and wildlife.  She is looking for:

1)  People to record a few interviews.
2)  People to spend a day to video habitat areas.
3)  People to translate or to provide captions/subtitles for the interviews and videos.
4)  People to help with the design and layout of materials for a multimedia project coordinated with Cornell University. 

The above mentioned positions are unpaid assignments.  This is an ongoing project until May 2013.  To learn more about this project, please contact Maria Lisak via her email (in an effort to stave off the email mining bots, simply replace AT with the @ symbol, and you will want to eliminate those spaces.  Clear as mud?):

gwangjumaria AT


  1. I am certain you're looking for professional help. I am no professional al, but would love to video for you. If you can accept work from a Sony handy can let me know... :-)