Monday, October 15, 2012

How Felix Baumgartner's Historic Skydive was Documented

Admittedly, I couldn't stay awake to see the record setting skydive made by Felix Baumgartner; however, I was able to view the lift-off and some of the ascent.  After a restful slumber, and after reading the news of Mr. Baumgartner's successful feat, I was curious to know how this event was documented.

David Cardinal wrote an informative piece about the dive that also included some history and perspective on this incredible accomplishment.  As an educator, I appreciate the illustrations and visual aids that complemented his article.  Read Mr. Caridnal's article at ExtremeTech here.

The next logical step, for me, was to visit the "Cameras and Communications" page by none other than Red Bull Stratos.  One simply does not shop online or drive to the local hardware store to buy all the equipment and gear necessary to ensure the success of this hazardous endeavor.  It had to be designed, tested, manufactured, reviewed.  So, too, the equipment used to document the dive.  Read about it here.

Thanks to the information and link on the "Cameras and Communications" page mentioned above, I visited Jay Nemeth's website:  Flightline Films.  It is a fascinating look into aerospace cinematography and photography.

Congratulations to Felix Baumgartner and to all who worked to make this dive a success.

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