Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ryan Libre and Documentary Arts Asia

The documentary photographer Ryan Libre, whose personal website can be accessed via this link, established Documentary Arts Asia not all that long ago in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Ryan Libre is a visionary, and he saw the need to reach out and to teach others how to document Asian issues and life with photography, and with film.  Surrounding himself with a strong and committed group, Mr. Libre has established several programs to benefit documentary artists.  As a photographer who enjoys exhibiting my own work, I am impressed with the monthly DAA exhibitions at its gallery in Chiang Mai.  The residency program and the workshop program is noteworthy as well. 

For the serious photographer and for those committed to creating documentary films, the Documentary Arts Asia website contains much information regarding how to learn and/or how to improve documentary skills.  The DAA site is here.

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