Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo for the Day - Pool and Trail

I prefer the working side of Suncheon Bay (순천 만) to the orchestrated tourist side of the bay.  In my view, the fishing areas and the fishing villages located on the bay, or in the bay itself, provides the most interesting photographic compositions.

The tidal flow is extreme in South Korea as can be seen in Pool and Trail.  The low tide allows fisherfolks and harvesters to travel the mudflats using a special sled to gather whatever seafood is being cultivated.  The man made pools that generously dot the shoreline serves different purposes, and if one happens to have any sea creatures left behind as the tide recedes, then that is all the better.

Pool and Trail
© 2011 Mark Eaton

Yes, limited editions of the photograph above, and many other of my photographs, is available to print.

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