Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday's Musing

I don't understand the "prey and display" crowd.  I suppose if I did understand that mentality, then I would have a greater concern.  I oppose censorship and the tattletale way of life; however, our most vulnerable do need advocacy.  Unfortunately, the professed do-gooders also cause a lot of harm.

There is art, and then there isn't matter how it is dressed...or undressed.  Jock Sturges gets it right, but Irina Ionesco got it all wrong.  And then there are those who don't even pretend, or care, to get it right -- the source of torment, pain, and unimaginable damage.  If there is a god, then I shit on it for its voyeuristic persona and for it being too busy to do anything other than count its ill-gotten gain every week...oh, and looking for all those lost keys is a time killer, too.

On this particular Monday I'm very glad that Felix Hoffman loved his father enough to do something about it.

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