Saturday, March 9, 2013

Athena Carey Develops a Template for the New Google+ Cover Photo Format

Recently the folks at Google+ made a few changes to its social network aesthetics.  For some reason a user's profile image was changed to a small circular shaped feature, while the cover photo was made substantially larger.  Any previous photo or image used in the old cover photo format was rendered useless thanks to the new format.

Fortunately, a quick thinking and fast acting photographer, Athena Carey, created a collage template for public use at Google+.  Athena very generously shared with Google Plus users the template she developed.  I tried it, and I liked the results on my page.

For those who don't have Athena in their circles, the template with instructions how to create a collage is found on her blog.  Her blog is accessed here

Thank you very much, Athena Carey!

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