Friday, March 1, 2013

An International Auction by Martyn Thompson

In November 2012, I posted an article about Martyn Thompson and his wonderful and creative art.  To read the article and to see some of his art, please click here.

Martyn has run out of space to create more art.  To make room for his new creations he is auctioning off several previously made pieces.  Please note that I learned about the auction on Facebook; I approached him and asked his permission to publicize his auction on this blog.

The starting bids for his artwork will range from 10% to 20% of the gallery listing prices depending upon the piece.  I asked Martyn if he will ship internationally if a buyer pays for the shipping fees, and he replied that he will ship certain pieces internationally.  In other words, this is an international auction.

Available are some of his photographs, including figure nude images and also some of his panoramic landscape images, and various sculptures.

There are some pieces he will not ship due to weight restrictions.  Those pieces that will not be shipped are as follows:

1)  Any cat sculpture cannot be shipped internationally.
2)  "Halfway Up Mani San" cannot be shipped internationally.

I am posting a couple of images to show what is available at this auction:

Lake Park #1
© Martyn Thompson

© Martyn Thompson

Bids are being received at this time.  The auction concludes March 7, 2013.  To repeat, the auction ends 2013/3/7.

For more details about the auction and to view more of Martyn's artwork that is available, please visit his Facebook auction page here.

For those who don't have a Facebook account, contact Martyn at his website here.

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