Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Waon - 와온

As I sat in my seat on the 97 bus to Waon this afternoon, the old woman couldn't hide her surprise as she looked me over from head to toe a couple of times.  She had no way of knowing, I believe, that my blue jeans were flannel-lined, but she very well noticed that I was wearing my Teva sandals and a short sleeved shirt.  My Columbia winter coat was draped over my camera bag, which was on my lap during the trip to Waon.

I suppose I am a man of contradictions.

I traveled to Waon for two reasons:  1) To experience some solitude, and 2) To experiment with abstract compositions by taking a series of three shots of a subject using long exposure times.

Earlier in 2014, I documented how the residents were busy constructing new fisheries at Suncheon Bay.  

© Mark Eaton

I was surprised to see that two women were working on a barge by prepping bamboo poles to which the nets will be attached.  The work is never done for those who earn their keep by working the bay.

To read the story I mentioned above, visit this page here.  To view more photographs of the construction of a fishery, go to my website here.  Scroll down to the third gallery image, and then click on that gallery image to see the photographs.

By the way, I did experience some solitude, and I was able to take a few shots with the camera.  

On the way back to Suncheon from Waon, there was another old woman looking at me with some surprise also, but that was because I was singing not quite to myself during the bus ride.  Too, I may have chuckled a time or two because of some long ago memory.

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