Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Artifacts of Teaching

A teacher can collect a lot of things over the course of a career.  These are just some realia, props, visual aids, gadgets, and gizmos I have used while teaching all manner of students in South Korea.  If I had a favorite, it would be the rabbit skeleton.  

Unknown to me, a rabbit had died in our flower garden; however, I didn't discover it until I cleaned and prepared the garden for winter.  It is possible that it clashed with one of the feral cats that frequent the neighborhood.  I cooked and cleaned the rabbit.  It is covered until I teach a science component to my students.  My students have never seen anything like it.

The Artifacts of Teaching
© Mark Eaton

I was a licensed private teacher in Suncheon, but that is all but finished at this time.  I shall move to a different exotic land in the not too distant future.  To be honest, it is time to move on.

A person who is knowledgeable about Korean culture will appreciate the one symbolic feature in the image above.

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