Friday, June 22, 2012

For the Feet

To view my physique now, one would doubt any claim that I spent my younger years immersed in athletics and fitness.  Alas, it is true.  Then in my mid-40's, my mind and my body said enough already.  And that was that.  Now, I spend time walking with my wife along rivers and beaches for exercise.  Much of that time is spent talking and laughing.  A shame I didn't have quite as much fun when I pumped iron or jogged.

Being a big boy (my wife would say, correctly, big baby), my feet took a pounding over the years.  It is always a challenge to find footwear that is comfortable for my feet.  Here in South Korea, just finding footwear appropriate for my large size is a difficult task.  

Teva sandals and Vasque hiking boots were the only two brands that provided long term comfort and support for my feet.  Ever.  I don't do much hiking these days, but I do spend a lot of time around water and in water.  I don't enjoy spending money on myself; one look at my antiquated digital camera set and my field computer will confirm that fact.  However, I felt it necessary to treat my feet this summer.

A visit to the Teva site on Monday, the order placed, with the package arriving Thursday afternoon.  It was just that fast.  Hurricanes in a box.

Of course, there was a crowd gathered to see what Mark received.  Mark will show off his toes in public now.  Yet it was the size that amazed most everyone.  The obligatory comparison of foot and hand size followed with some comments and laughter.

After the day was done and put away, and after the cleaning, I asked my wife if she wanted to take a walk last night.  She was surprised, pleasantly, and said yes.  A moment later she looked at me, laughing, and said that I wanted to try my new sandals.

It was a nice walk and talk.  The Tevas were very comfortable with no foot pain and without any lower back discomfort associated with poorly crafted footwear.  It will be a good summer for the feet.

Maybe I should get a pair of Vasque boots for the winter.

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