Monday, August 19, 2013

Same Subject, Different Compositions

A couple of days ago I wrote a short post, with an accompanying photograph, about my favorite place to swim in Korea, Namyeol Beach, that can be read here.

Within the photography profession, there are other genres, such as sports photography and photojournalism to name a couple, that once a scene or moment has passed, so too the opportunity to photograph that specific event in time.  Other genres whose subjects are stationary, or mostly stationary, allows a photographer to shoot a subject multiple times from different angles and perspectives.

The following images from Namyeol Beach/남열해수욕장 provide some examples of how a subject can be approached in different ways.  These were all taken after the business of the beach was closed for the evening.

Tables, Chairs, and Umbrellas
© Mark Eaton

Namyeol Beach After Hours
© Mark Eaton

© Mark Eaton

Take the time to photograph a scene or subject again and again from differing positions and places.  Somewhere in that series there just might be a nice image to work with. 

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