Friday, May 17, 2013

남열해수욕장 -- A Change

Unlike the empty political slogan from across the ocean that merely masks deliberate destruction, deceit, warmongering, and decay, 남열해수욕장 (Namyeol Beach) is experiencing a change.  In 고흥 (Goheung in Jeollanam-do), 남열해수욕장 is my favorite swimming beach in the province.

My wife and I, along with a very dear friend, drove to the beach from Suncheon.  We didn't expect to see anyone else at the beach since it is several weeks before the official swimming season, however, there were other people there after all.  I shouldn't have been surprised because it was a national holiday to celebrate Buddha's birthday.

What did surprise me was the makeover the beach is undergoing.  Gone is the wooden boardwalk that ran parallel to the beach.  Gone from the beach itself are the covered tables with the wooden recliners.  Now there are massive boulders forming a wall parallel to the beach.  Atop the wall is a sandy walkway that also served as our picnic spot under the shade of the trees.

I believe other changes are in store, especially owing to the fact that even on a national holiday work was being done at the far end of the beach; that part of the beach nearest to the mountain with the observation tower.  It is from that tower that people watch the rocket launches from the nearby Naro Space Center.

I present three photographs I took to show some of the changes.

Atop the New Wall
© Mark Eaton

The Cleared Beach and the Tower
© Mark Eaton

Building the Wall
© Mark Eaton

Much to the surprise of my wife, I wasn't the only person in the water.  The wind was a bit cool, but the water is already nice -- a couple of more weeks and it will be very nice.

In the background of the top photo a viewer can see our camp.  A lovely picnic along with talking, swimming, hiking; a wonderful day.

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