Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doug Stuber Posits About Boston Massacre II

Doug Stuber has posted a deep and thought provoking piece at the Social Discourse of Disquiet site titled, Boston Massacre II.  A person who is intellectually honest will step back from his or her own ideology to study an issue; that person will understand that it isn't just a single issue, but rather a number of issues that are related to one another.  

I surmise a person who can be considered an ideologue or a demagogue -- perhaps even a religionist, a conservative, a liberal, or some other labeled system of belief -- will dismiss out of hand opinions and thoughts that are contrary to one's favored system.  That's a shame, because the divisions so common in the USA have forever torn the country, and there will be no putting it back together again.

Perhaps Bill Maher was onto something when he said, "...maybe it's me..."

Boston Massacre II by Doug Stuber is found at this link here

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