Monday, February 18, 2013

Miru Kim - The Camel's Way is Showing in Taiwan

I have been so focused on family issues - a daughter's wedding, another daughter's university studies, and another daughter's visit during the Lunar New Year holiday - that I completely missed the announcement that Miru Kim currently is exhibiting her fine art series The Camel's Way in Taiwan.

Showing at the Pier 2 Arts Center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, The Camel's Way will conclude 2013/03/03.  The series is not yet on her website; however, Ms. Kim does have a few short videos on Vimeo that provides a hint of this and other projects.  A reader will appreciate, I believe, her views and her intelligent creativity.  Be mindful, please, that her photography contains fine art nude work...and she is the subject of her compositions.

The link to Ms. Kim's videos showing her fine art nude work is here.

Miru Kim's website can be accessed here.

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