Friday, January 4, 2013

보성 녹차밭 - A Winter's View

Our family visited 보성 녹차밭 on the first day of 2013.  It was snowing during our drive to the plantation and upon our arrival.  It was nice since there were very few people there.  And it was beautiful, because everything was covered with snow.

Here are some abstract photographs from our adventure:

© 2013 Mark Eaton

© 2013 Mark Eaton

Snow Covered Tea
© 2013 Mark Eaton

녹차밭 2
© 2013 Mark Eaton

On a personal note, I will be scarce for the next several weeks for personal reasons.  My family is focused on the upcoming wedding hall ceremony for our middle daughter and her husband.  Additionally, I am directing a significant portion of my time learning how to speak Korean.  I will post more about the latter if I am satisfied with the results.  My wife is all smiles so far, and that is a good indicator.

I am in the process of writing a feature article about the photographer Tomas Eriksson, and that will be published sometime in the near future.  I believe everyone will like his views and his fine art photography.

I appreciate the kind messages and notes I receive.  Thank you.

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