Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Interview With Groove Korea

Groove Korea is an online and hard copy English language publication in South Korea that reports and covers a wide range of topics.  I was very excited when I was asked for an interview to be included in the November 2012 edition about one of my favorite places to photograph in South Korea:  Waon Beach.

Dylan Goldby, who is a remarkable photographer and writer, interviewed me for Groove's Capturing Korea feature.  Waon Beach is the ideal place for me to conduct a longitudinal project that supports my love and appreciation for water and the sea.  To read the interview and to see some previously unpublished photographs of the area, please visit the Groove Magazine website here.

Thank you, Dylan Goldby, for interviewing me for this article.  A big thank you to Matt Lamers, who is the editor-in-chief at Groove Korea, for your kindness and support.

This photograph wasn't a part of the interview; however, it does show Waon Beach when I visited during a rainstorm.  I shot this scene from within the structure I mentioned in the article. 

© Mark Eaton

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