Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Supporting A Community

I believe it is important for me to support the art community.  I have received so much enjoyment from the arts, hence my desire to do something.  I don't like the term "giving back" as I prefer to use the more appropriate term "supporting a community."  The idea that I would want to give something back suggests that I didn't like that something in the first place, and I want to trade it in the day after Christmas.  No, thanks.  I want to build and support instead. 

For example, volunteering to judge the monthly photo contest for Gwangju News is one of my more public endeavors to support photographers in Jeollanam-do and in Korea.  This is a link to the July 2012 photo contest:  Gwangju News Photo Contest.

I'm just doing my part, that's all.

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