Monday, April 13, 2015

Ulla Reimer to Conduct a Photography Workshop in Seoul in May 2015

Ulla Reimer is a professional photographer from France who has been in the business for forty years.  That's right...four decades.  When I lived in China, we would spend time chatting, and she was kind enough to show me some of her work that she exhibited at a prestigious show in the Middle Kingdom.  Her fine art photography is outstanding.  
She currently resides in Seoul.

Ulla has had a distinguished career in the field of photography from being a photojournalist, a portraitist for the stars, and a fine art photographer.  She informed me a day or so ago that she is conducting a workshop in Seoul this coming May.  

I asked her if people could still sign-up to participate in the workshop, and she said yes.  She made it a point to tell me that people who have no experience with photography to those who are very experienced with photography are welcome to participate.

The workshop is a four day event to be held in Seoul.  Here is a poster that discusses the contents of the workshop:

There are a couple of ways to contact Ulla so that you can sign-up to participate in the workshop:

1)  Contact Ulla by email:

2)  If you have Kao Kao Talk, Ulla's ID is ur031

3)  Go to her website:  Ulla Reimer.  Please go to her contact page for her email address.  Enjoy the photographs on her site while you are at it.

Have fun at the workshop!

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