Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Landscapes of Korea -- A Photography Book by John Steele

John Steele is one of the nicest people anyone can hope to meet anywhere in the world.  In January of 2014, I interviewed him about his photography.  Take a look at the interview here: John Steele -- The Man with Heart and Soul.  Based in Seoul, he travels the country with his trusted four-legged assistant, Holly.

Recently, John self-published a photography book from blurb.com that is titled, Landscapes of Korea.  From the bustling metropolis to the quiet rural areas, he shows many of those areas not frequented by tourists.  I like his style.

To preview and purchase the book, visit John's blurb page here.  It is my opinion that considering the quality of his work, the pricing for the photography book is very good.    

The image below shows the photographs used for the book covers.

Landscapes of Korea
© John Steele

Congratulations to John Steele.  I look forward to seeing his photography for many years to come.

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