Sunday, September 22, 2013

Paradise Revisited -- Urban Hike in Final Form

My penultimate weekend here coincided with the long Korean thanksgiving holiday, and I thought it would be the perfect time to revisit paradise in Suncheon.  I originally wrote about this lovely place in the city on this blog last May that can be seen here.

The construction of this park has been completed and the foliage planted during the project has firmly taken root.  As read in my previous article, the trail was a bit treacherous due to the construction; however, the trail is now unhindered and safe to walk.  The old ajumma trails that would make a mountain goat feel at home have been completely eliminated and replaced by wide boardwalks or concrete pathways.

Waterfall Flows into the Pond
© Mark Eaton

The pond shown above is fed by the runoff water that flows from the large earthen dam that abuts the park.  I was very surprised to see that this park project also included work on and near the dam itself, too.

Boardwalk at the Earthen Dam
© Mark Eaton

At this time, the trail and park discussed here does not connect with the trail pictured above.  Except -- some enterprising soul has tied a series of ropes at the spillway to allow the brave to traverse down into the spillway itself.  Some careful stepping and a small climb up finds the intrepid on the new trail above the park.

The Intrepid Way
© Mark Eaton

As seen here and in my previous post about paradise in Suncheon, the view from atop the dam is nice, though the sky during this trek was very hazy.

 The Park from atop the Earthen Dam
© Mark Eaton

I was the only person in this area.  Ah, it was paradise.

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